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I have a VW Kombi Van that has been "chopped" around. Somebody, not me, chopped out the middle section of this 1962 Kombi to create Zippee. I gave the van its name and entity, and have had it repainted 3 times. Zippee is used daily as my work vehicle for my Mobil Service Station in New Zealand. On these pages are various pictures of Zippee along with some kartoons I had done for various promotional activities. I am keen to get ANY pictures of other shortened Kombis to add to my ultimate page. If you have any pictures send to updated 3/6/00 New updates of more "shorties". Check Karl's Kollection page check out Zippee's second home page at

Drive around with Zippee

- Zippee in different paint jobs:
- Kool Kartoons #1:
- Kool Kartoons #2:
- Zippee's favourite adverts #1:
- Zippee's favourite adverts #2:
- Let Zippee grow up - he could have looked like this !!:
- The smallest VW's in the world - Karl's Kollection:
- See where small vans come from :
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